Saturday, 19 September 2015

I am a woman !!!!!!

Strong feelings beget strong words. The power of words to change a mindset or the general notion to a proclaimed sin or belief is beyond doubt. It imparts the public a chance to evolve rather than clinging to prejudices. Everything you believe right may never be so if you think based on logic but still continues it as a routine. If someone raises voice, they get tattooed as the black sheep or morally poor. Regarding our honorable cabinet minister's quote on girls going out at night, I really felt pity for him. If a man of such dignity and knowledge can degrade himself with such a comment, why should we blame the common man if he mistreats a woman? Mr. Minister, Woman too have dreams. She too wants to roam in the night. She too want to hold hand of her father or brother or boyfriend or husband and walk through the streets, gazing and waving at the white moon shining high up in the sky. She too wants freedom to inhale the cool breeze of dark night and listen the crickets cry. Womanhood does not mean being confined to the four walls of her home, but the blending of inner beauty of soul and the boldness to face this devouring world. 

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