Thursday, 5 March 2015

I want to be a child again....

I stood at the end of the cliff
Watching the sun set into the sea.
It is getting darker,
My inner self reminded.

My way has come to an end,
The narrow sandy paths vanished,
Now its only the sea ahead.
The turbulent ravishing blue beauty.

Life on this earth turns short and sweet,
Makes sharp turns here and there,
Leaving you wonder what lies ahead,
Whether pit or plain.

I want to be a child again,
My mom's favorite kid,
I want to walk holding her hand,
With her voice echoing around me.

I want to run away from everything around me,
To a land where I can roam with my mom,
My pretty, charming, loving mom,
Where I can sleep on her lap,
Like a carefree child.

I don't know the meaning of life,
I don't know the worldly lies,
I don't know the evil around me,
All I know is just one thing,
I want to be a child again.

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