Saturday, 19 September 2015

I am a woman !!!!!!

Strong feelings beget strong words. The power of words to change a mindset or the general notion to a proclaimed sin or belief is beyond doubt. It imparts the public a chance to evolve rather than clinging to prejudices. Everything you believe right may never be so if you think based on logic but still continues it as a routine. If someone raises voice, they get tattooed as the black sheep or morally poor. Regarding our honorable cabinet minister's quote on girls going out at night, I really felt pity for him. If a man of such dignity and knowledge can degrade himself with such a comment, why should we blame the common man if he mistreats a woman? Mr. Minister, Woman too have dreams. She too wants to roam in the night. She too want to hold hand of her father or brother or boyfriend or husband and walk through the streets, gazing and waving at the white moon shining high up in the sky. She too wants freedom to inhale the cool breeze of dark night and listen the crickets cry. Womanhood does not mean being confined to the four walls of her home, but the blending of inner beauty of soul and the boldness to face this devouring world. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Mirth of the moon

      My dreams are mine alone, enriched by agony and nightmares
      Engulfing and consuming my soul, the whole me.

His mind was blank while climbing the red-tiled stairs to reach the fifth floor balcony. Usually he took the lift but today feared it may take him there too soon. He could not make his pace any slower, but was almost similar to a tortoise; something he rarely did. His shoulders were drooped, head down. Henna's marriage is fixed. He felt as if the whole world has shrunken to that haunting thought only. Once he had made fun of her when she said 'you are my soulmate' telling she is so dreamy, but now he feels it like a thorn rubbed against his soul. She was indeed my soulmate.

Satya spotted her facing the ash-colored windowpanes, looking out into the lush greenery. He still could not believe she actually agreed to the marriage... Hearing the footstep behind, Henna turned around, looking straight into the pain-stricken eyes of Satya. Her eyes were glimmering; from excitement or tear, he couldn't distinguish.  She smiled at him, her usual innocent playful smile. 'Hey..' she uttered. Her voice was dense, low pitched than usual. Satya just nodded at her. They stood side by side gazing at the distant green trees moving in the air currents. No words, no movement. She took his left hand by her side with tight grip. Her slender fingers pressed against his skin like hot iron burning even the most inner arteries.

'When will I see you again?' She turned her face and asked.

Satya's inertial state was unbreakable. No reaction from his side. She couldn't see any change in his expression. But deep inside his heart, Tsunami-like emotions hit hard ruining everything on its way. 'My world is shattering and you want to know when you see me again...?' his conscience yelled. How can she be this cruel? She forgot everything so soon? Innumerable kisses and cuddles were just time pass for her? Is that it? I did not exhibit that much attachment, it is true, but still, I thought she knew how much I cared for her; how much I loved her. I was wrong, totally wrong. Wrong about everything.

Henna turned to Satya and without any warning, stood on her toes, raising her heel, took his face in her palm and pressed her lips on his. Though wonder stuck at first, he responded to her kiss with added aggression and love. He kept her safe inside his strong hands making her drown in his heartfelt kiss. For them, the whole world stood still then. Nothing stood a barrier for that kiss. No religion, no status, nothing. They were just two souls loving each other with passion.

A moment later her phone started ringing, 'So its gonna be for ever..' He remembered the first time she talked about Taylor Swift. She could talk nonstop about Swift and loved country songs. 'Love stories are usually boring. The mixture of usual cliches and sentimental tie ups baked together would not always turn the readers thumbs up unless they are rarest of the rare.' She used to say. She always wanted to be writer. That was her dream.  "Yea.... later... ok.... " Her talking over phone brought him back from memories. She ended the call and turned to me. 'I gotta go...'.. Satya simply stared at her and uttered 'OK..bye..'. Without another word he started the downward stairs, holding tight on the side rails. Reaching almost to the ground, he wiped his tears with the back of his palm. I really need a cigar, he wished.

Henna was still standing at the balcony watching Satya move down the stairs till he was out of sight. She already started that giddy feeling. Its working. After all, two hand full of sleeping pills would not betray her. The world she wished to live was crazy about the power, status and religion. Her parents threat was not that passive but they really meant it. The choice had to be hers; whether to stand with her love or live as her parents wished. This nasty world is trying to part her from her man, the one and only one she dearly loved. The reason her heart still beat was him, Satya. Nobody can take me away from you, Satya, she wanted to yell. She sat on the floor there. All she could remember was the first time she saw her Satya, near the playground. He was on phone with someone, laughing with his childish face. She was the happiest girl whenever she was with him. Even the mere thought of him made her smile. Now the whole world ends before her and the last image she ever wanted to see before her eyes closed was him, Satya.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

I want to be a child again....

I stood at the end of the cliff
Watching the sun set into the sea.
It is getting darker,
My inner self reminded.

My way has come to an end,
The narrow sandy paths vanished,
Now its only the sea ahead.
The turbulent ravishing blue beauty.

Life on this earth turns short and sweet,
Makes sharp turns here and there,
Leaving you wonder what lies ahead,
Whether pit or plain.

I want to be a child again,
My mom's favorite kid,
I want to walk holding her hand,
With her voice echoing around me.

I want to run away from everything around me,
To a land where I can roam with my mom,
My pretty, charming, loving mom,
Where I can sleep on her lap,
Like a carefree child.

I don't know the meaning of life,
I don't know the worldly lies,
I don't know the evil around me,
All I know is just one thing,
I want to be a child again.