Sunday, 7 December 2014

Is it YOU??!!

Today's most sensational graphs shoots on the headlines such as 'Asiz weds lekshmi' or  'Shivkarthik building mosque for his villagers'.  These are still beyond the brain of a common man even in this 21st century.  India hailed as 'secular' is nowadays not quite sure of the meaning of this seven letter word.

Secularity is not something just to be boasted as a national tittle but should be seeded and grown in ones heart and mind.  Belief in God tends to be a healing herb for the soul and this is not a licence to curb or degrade another man's faith.  To accept another religion or belief equally as ours is not as hectic as it may seem.

Actually, I would not say any section is fanatic over their religion but in most cases the poison injected by the dirty gain-oriented politicians for their personal up-gradation would end up in creating a mad mob of zealots.  The common man who love his God and beliefs fall an easy prey for these cunning political officials, who knows where to poke.  Many a cases, religion tends to be used as shield to mask the Wrong.  Whom should raise their voice against this...? Ask your conscience.

All religions basically teach the same.  Whether its Bhagavad Gita, Quran, or Bible, they all speak of same global religion, Humanity, along with the need of truthfulness, love for fellow being, and righteous life for the healthy mental sustain.  Humanity basically relies on kindness to others and the compassion to be shown.  Which of these holy words insist to harm another ones faith or religion..??!! Which of these ask you to show your superiority over another ones belief...??!!

A person who know his religion and God would never make a fellow being suffer for having faith in a different God. He would know God is nothing but love, truth, and harmony.  The virtues are to be spread and not the religion.  Respect for doctrines of another religion only makes you a better man and never inferior to anybody.  This in fact makes a better self and better community.

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