Monday, 8 December 2014

The lost song

Moving to a tall unknown tree
He hid under the canopy,
Leaving no trace behind,
Embracing the anonymity,
Looking out to meet his mate,
He starts the song of life.

He is heard by all.
From wild to gentle beings,
Whole jungle awaits for his voice,
The nightingale's voice.

Nightingale sang of the princess of Deutschland's castle,
The most beautiful girl ever born on earth,
Laura, the kindest girl ever born on earth.
She had hazel eyes which glowed on her smile.
The king's pretty daughter,
Her mother queen's most favorite,
The common man's deity goddess,
She was loved and cared by all...
She had everything.

Deep inside her soul, she felt lacking.
She wanted something,
Something she could not understand.
Some kind of unknown vacuum.
The songs she sang were sad.
She painted of a girl sitting at the tower top window,
Waiting for some strange guest.
She frequently dreamt of a young man,
A strange man with golden cuff on his right hand.
He had a scar on his left forehead.
She tried to find him.
She searched for him everywhere,
In the town, in the meadows, in the ballrooms, 
But all in vain.

Seasons rolled by.
Laura's favorite autumn was gone,
Shattering winter grabbed the city.
Their enemy clan, she always heard with fear,
Flounced to attack the territory.
Her country fought with valor,
Soldiers showed their love to their country,
bracing death in the act.
The king led his troops bravely,
The queen wept for their country.

With pale face Laura watched the enemies marching,
Straight to her royal castle,
And in the next moment, she turned paler.
She looked closely, wishing she was wrong, But,
The man in the front,
The one who led the enemy clan,
He was the one in her dreams!!!!!

Selezk saw a beautiful girl standing,
Holding the pillar on the top balcony.
She was pale, may be with fear, he thought,
She had the most beautiful hair he ever saw,
She had the innocence of a little lamb,
She had the beauty of the goddess.
Could she be the heir?
He was not sure since she wore no jewellery,
No silk clothes, or any sort of luxury.

Their eyes met as he neared the castle.
Her gaze was so intense, that,
His rock heart got melted in no time.
He felt as if he knew her.
Had I met her before??
He did not remember,
But he was sure that he knew her,
May be from some previous births.
He felt like she was a part of him.
He felt like he got his lost soul back.
The feeling inside his heart,
That was something he never believed exist,
Love at first sight.

Laura was back in her senses.
The enemy clan soldiers were praising their ruler,
The young warrior king, Selezk.
He brought them such a prestigious win,
Their long term enemies down.

Slogans were shouted, horns of triumph blown,
The whole area was echoing with the noises.
Laura saw her father's defeated soldiers,
held captives, with heads down, near the entrance.
She searched for her father, but he was nowhere.
She could think what would have happened.
To protect his land, his people, his beloveds,
With fortitude, he gave his blood.
Tears gushed out of her closed eyes.
Her beloved father, he was no more.

Her man of dreams,
He made her country fall,
He was the reason for losing her father,
Her man of dreams,
The stranger with golden cuff and scar,
The one she loved without even seeing,
The one whose heart beat just for her,
The one she waited for in the tower top,
She can never have him.

She was torn in the tug of war,
War between the love for her father,
And the strange man of her dreams.
She cannot forget her father,
Nor can she forget her man,
She felt desperate and shaken.

Selezk was eager to meet the girl,
The girl he saw at the balcony.
He climbed the stairs of royal palace,
with his heart beating surprisingly faster.
He strode fast through the ballroom,
Passing the huge mirror along the wall,
His way was halted by a large wooden door,
Which opened with a creaking sound on his push.
What he saw in there, took his breath away.

His innocent goddess girl lying in the floor,
With a gold-plated knife struck,
Deep into her heart.
She was wriggling in pain.
He ran up to her, took her head in hands,
with tears running past his cheeks.
Please, dont die... he murmured in her ears.
She looked into his eyes,
A beautiful curve came on her lips,
Her alluring smile.
She uttered tremblingly,
My strange man of dreams,
My stranger with golden cuff......

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Is it YOU??!!

Today's most sensational graphs shoots on the headlines such as 'Asiz weds lekshmi' or  'Shivkarthik building mosque for his villagers'.  These are still beyond the brain of a common man even in this 21st century.  India hailed as 'secular' is nowadays not quite sure of the meaning of this seven letter word.

Secularity is not something just to be boasted as a national tittle but should be seeded and grown in ones heart and mind.  Belief in God tends to be a healing herb for the soul and this is not a licence to curb or degrade another man's faith.  To accept another religion or belief equally as ours is not as hectic as it may seem.

Actually, I would not say any section is fanatic over their religion but in most cases the poison injected by the dirty gain-oriented politicians for their personal up-gradation would end up in creating a mad mob of zealots.  The common man who love his God and beliefs fall an easy prey for these cunning political officials, who knows where to poke.  Many a cases, religion tends to be used as shield to mask the Wrong.  Whom should raise their voice against this...? Ask your conscience.

All religions basically teach the same.  Whether its Bhagavad Gita, Quran, or Bible, they all speak of same global religion, Humanity, along with the need of truthfulness, love for fellow being, and righteous life for the healthy mental sustain.  Humanity basically relies on kindness to others and the compassion to be shown.  Which of these holy words insist to harm another ones faith or religion..??!! Which of these ask you to show your superiority over another ones belief...??!!

A person who know his religion and God would never make a fellow being suffer for having faith in a different God. He would know God is nothing but love, truth, and harmony.  The virtues are to be spread and not the religion.  Respect for doctrines of another religion only makes you a better man and never inferior to anybody.  This in fact makes a better self and better community.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

To Remember and To Be Remembered.... Ormayundo Ee Mukham

Without any trace of a debut director, Anvar Sadiq craved this soft romantic comedy "Ormayundo Ee Mukham" straight onto audiences heart.  Diverting from the normal boring flow, he takes it to a higher level of depicting the beauty of love and making the viewer feel the meaning of true soul mates. Vineeth Sreenivasan and Namitha Pramod gave life for the inseparable Gautham and Nithya.  The film makes one feel soul mates are destined to be together whatever the situations are.  Gautham is characterized as a stressed out businessman who is very much in need of support and inspiration while Nithya is portrayed bold and beautiful.  Their accidental meeting gives a new freshness to each ones life.  Rohini, aju varghese, lakshmi, soumya sadanandan did gave excellent support. The romantic feel nurtured with Shaan Rehmans music takes the viewers to cloud nine. 

A must see film for those who still believe in the magic of Love.